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The personality test every business babe needs to take, before starting or scaling their business.

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What's your boss babe zone of genius?

Are you a Master Mind, a Super Achiever, a Strategy Maker or an A+ Analyst?

Is your superpower the what, the how, the when & where or the how much?
Set aside 5 minutes to take the quiz and find out!
Why? Because your winning formula is someone else's losing formula.
You have to know which position you best play in business, if you want to WIN.
When we play in position, our successes come more quickly and easily to us.
But when we play OUT of position... they don't.
It's a longer and harder process to build a business when you aren't in your zone of genius.
Find out what yours is and start seriously moving the needle - today.
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Meet Your Mentor: Estèle Merrot

I'm Estèle: the business babe behind BoxforBoss – one of the fastest growing online communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs.

I might be successful now, but I made loads of mistakes when I first started out, and one of them was was trying to do it ALL.

👉 I didn’t put time or energy into strengthening our weaknesses, or acquiring skills I didn’t have.

👉 And I didn’t put money into hiring people who did have them to do those jobs instead.

I therefore wasted a ton of resources in the process - time, energy and of course... money.

Everything changed when I started working on my personal and professional development... partnering up with other boss babes and building out my dream team.

But - before I could any of that, I had to figure out what my superpowers were and weren't first... which is why I created this quiz.

I have a limited number of days on this planet, you better believe I'm not going to waste them being anyone but myself.


What will you learn?

By taking this quiz, you'll learn which of the 4 major personality types you are, and how you can use your traits to build a business that's going to make as much impact and income as possible.

You'll learn what your unique strengths and weaknesses are, and what you should be doing more and less of to have success without stress.
You'll have fewer early mornings, late nights, and days fuelled by coffee as you won't be wasting your time and energy on things you aren't great at or don't love!

There's a time and place for hustling, but all day every day in each and every aspect of your business isn't it.
Want to get great results while feeling in flow?
I've got you.
Tell me my superpower!

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